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About Us
        Awrey Gold began in 1999 committed to breeding proven hunting Golden Retrievers with sound health and temperament.    (Awrey was Kent's family name which was changed several generations ago. We wanted to honor the family name.)
     We are committed and dedicated to the integrity of the foundations of the Golden Retriever.  Our Golden Retrievers exemplify the qualities and standards as described by AKC and the GRCA.  We believe a quality Golden Retriever is a proven hunting family companion dog with its temperament, intelligence, drive and ability. 
     We achieve this through training, participating in hunt/field programs (AKC Hunt test programs,  NAHRA Field Tests, GRCA Field events) and ethical breeding practices.  (comparison chart of events and titles)  Not only are they active in the sport of tests,  but also in the sport of actual hunting.  The tests support the needs of a reliable, trustworthy hunting companion whether upland or waterfowl.
     Our dogs have OFA clearances (hips, hearts, elbows and thyroid), CERF clearance in addition to PRA/PRCD prior to breeding. In addition we have tested for Ichthyosis and GRA 1, helping to assure the highest quality of breeding.
     We are responsible breeders and owners of Golden Retrievers. We love our dogs and devote ourselves to assure their health and quality of life. We have worked to encourage other Golden Retriever owners to explore the Hunt/Field programs in helping to maintain the natural abilities that are the essential foundations to the Golden Retriever.
     We have participated and assisted many clubs with hunt/field events in various functions. 
     Kent has been an inspiration to many in his committment and passion to the retriever hunt programs. What began as a simple interest in seeing what a retriever can do has developed into a vision and committment to the betterment of the future of the Golden Retriever. Kent not only trains and hunts with our dogs he is also a current judge for AKC hunt test programs. 
     We began with Brandi, a family companion and excellent upland hunting dog.  Duke joined us in 2003 and thus began a devotion to working and training Golden Retrievers to be worthy competitors in AKC and NAHRA Hunt test programs.  Together Kent and Duke were a powerful hunting team of both upland and waterfowl.  Hunting with a reliable dog as partner is a value many enthusiasts understand. 
     In 2005, Debbie joined the training and working scenario with Annie.  Debbie has qualified Annie in NAHRA and AKC tests.  She worked with Cori through AKC Junior Hunter tests although she has never hunted. Together we (Debbie and Kent) worked with CJ and jointly qualified her as an AKC Junior Hunter.
     We work to raise sound litters with countless hours of socialization and monitoring. We are excited for the future and future Golden Retriever owners who, like us, want a sound quality Golden that can be found faithful in the field and home.
     Other bits about us:  Kent served over 20 years in the US Navy, 20 years as a softball umpire.  We have been married over 35 years.  We have 2 grown children and one grandchild (seen in various pictures with the dogs through the years).  Debbie enjoys cooking, gardening, quilting and piano.

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