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MHR1 Awrey Semper Copper Redcloud SH, WCX, CCA
     Duke is a waterfowl and an upland hunters dream dog. Kent has hunted with him for 11 years and he never ceases to amaze even me. Duke is an all around, all-season proven hunting companion. He is even mannered, not hyper, not anxious, calm, focused and intense -- a true dedicated hunting dog.
     June 2010, Duke was one of 2 Golden Retrievers out of a field of 46 dogs that participated in the Richard A. Wolters 2010 NAHRA Invitational. This was a 3 day event testing top level dogs in land, water and upland (quartering, trailing and steady to flush) of which 23 qualified and Duke was the only Golden Retriever.
     In the home, he is extremely well mannered and part of the family. He is aware of everything, a puppy at heart and a loyal devoted member of our family.
     Duke is a very strong swimmer with stylish water entries. He is confident in a boat for duck hunting, in a blind (his own Hide-a-Pooch at times) for goose/duck and in the field for upland.
     Duke is well known for his temperament and personality. Many comments include his coloring and work ethics, however our favorite is a combination of these two:
     "I don't like Goldens, but I like yours."
     "If I was to ever have a Golden Retriever (labrador lover) I would want one of yours.".
       Duke is a proven sire.
       Duke was valiant to the end. He lived a full life (over 13 years) bringing joy and love to many. His last few months he enjoyed fetching snow balls. He had a favorite snowball that lasted the winter. He is dearly missed.
  CHIC #58632
Brandi Awery CJ Timberline x Semper Deuce Cooper *** 06-02-03 to 03-06-17

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