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SR Awrey's Skyriver Celtic Joy JH
SR Awrey's Skyriver Celtic Joy JH    "CJ"   
 Skyriver's  Sweet and Sassy JH   x  MHR1 Awrey Semper Copper Redcloud SH, WCX, CCA   (dob 03-04-14)
     CJ,  our Celtic Joy, named also in honor of Brandi.  CJ brings a new sense of life and joy.  Looking back over the years,  the good and bad.  CJ is jointly trained by Kent and Debbie. This ability for CJ to understand 'multiple handlers' is a great benefit. We share the same passions of a well-trained reliable hunting partner.  At an early age, we used live birds (wings not essentially bound),to help CJ understand how to handle a live/crippled bird and not be fearful. We have seen how this built confidence.
     CJ is very focused and fun to work with.  CJ earned her AKC Junior Hunter title by 16 months in 5 tests.  She recently also earned her NAHRA Started Retriever (SR) title in 5 tests.  Her 'failures' were on each of her 1st tests,  afterwards she came through confidently and has grown stronger with each test.  We have begun training for AKC Senior Hunter level with handling and doubles.
     CJ, while energetic in the field, manages to understand house manners easily. She enjoys curling up and settles quietly. She is attentive to needs of those around, offering comfort when needed.
     She is very biddable, intelligent and fun to work with.  Her perseverance is notable with her desire to accomplish the task necessary.
     CJ exemplifies the qualities of the traditions of quality field/hunting golden retrievers.  We look forward to the future of her offsprings which will further high-quality golden retrievers desired by many through our breeding practices. 
     Her health clearances are exceptional in all areas above the standards required. For full details, click to link
Check out this video,  CJ is 6 months when filming.  You can find her in the video at 11:18-11:23 and 18:30-18:42.  Her natural abilities emerging.  (YouTube .... Waterfowl Hunting)
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