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Our Dogs --- Annie
SR Awrey's Lil' Miss Sure Shot JH,WC, CCA
 SR Awrey's Lil' Miss Sure Shot JH, WC, CCA    "Annie"
        (Brandi Awery CJ Timberline x Semper Deuce Cooper***  dob 03-11-05)
     Annie is a great marking dog. Her athleticsm shines with her speed and agility. She has a strong nose and understands how to use it effectively.
      My journey with Annie has been quite different and a great learning experience to share.  I chose not to work with any 'force' program and worked diligently to help her overcome any confidence (lack of trust in herself and me as a handler) in her water retrieves. She is a strong and great swimmer, however it was our lack of experience in effective water training which created some barriers to overcome.     
       Annie earned her CCA -- outscoring her brother Duke-- just 2 months after giving birth to a litter of puppies.  The judges were amazed at how healthy she looked.  She is "classic"  Golden Retriever with her facial features, body shape, coat, temperament and overall size.
       Annie is now a Family  'Therapy' dog,  recently adopted by the Grennans. She is enjoying her life of retrieving objects for 2 very acitve boys, loving upon the family in her special gentle manner. She assumed her role with her new family in July 2012 easily -- as if she understood her next chapter of life.  She is missed YET she is dearly loved by her new family.  She is a 'Queen' in their eyes and she adores the extra attention. She makes sure life is running as it should be -- orderly and routinely.

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