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Brandi Awery CJ Timberline
 Brandi Awery CJ Timberline   "Brandi"    
  (our error in spelling on her AKC registration)     
       (CJ Tonka Honey Crandall x CH Timberline Daily News OS ... 01-03-99 to 03-27-13)
   Brandi is the matriarch of Awrey Gold.  Early on,  Brandi displayed natural abilities in upland hunting with a strong nose, methodical ethics in upland hunting. 
    She inspired us to dream of the original beginnings of Golden Retrievers as a reliable gun dog, companion and trustworthy to the end.  She is missed dearly by many and remembered as a 'lady', a ''queen'.  She was devoted to all of us and will be cherished forever.  She lived over 14 years with minimal health issues.  After a serious pancreatitis attack at age 10,  we added natural enzymes (Honest Kitchen) to her diet.  She never had another attack afterwards and no medications were required.
    We decided to develop our breeding with 'above the minimum' standards in Health clearances and pursuit of hunting titles to demonstrate sound Golden Retrievers with the goal to restore the confidence of Golden Retrievers as reliable hunting companions.  

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