Breed Standard per GRCA & AKC 

Male: 23 - 24 inches at withers, 65-75 lbs

Female: 21 1/2 - 22 1/2 inches at withers, 55-65 lbs

Coat: May be straight or wavy, dense and water repellent, not excessive length or heaviness of coat, good undercoat.

Color: Rich, lustrous golden of various shades

Temperament: Friendly, reliable & trustworthy
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Golden History
Golden Retrievers began in the mid-1800's as the ideal hunting and companion dog. They began as a 'specialist' retriever, good swimmer, very obedient, strong athletic type, good nose and a soft mouth but with less interest in ranging far afield to hunt on its own.

Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland (Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks), an avid sportsman, worked to breed such a dog which would meet this criteria and thus emerged the Golden Retriever. The beginnings combined a golden-coated retriever and Tweed Water Spaniel initially. Later, a Red Setter and a Bloodhound were added to satisfy the affluential sportsmen. With it's easy temperament for the family, natural ability and desire to help the 'master' return with the bounty of birds-- whether field or fowl, the Golden Retriever was confident and capable in either arena.  
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Today the Golden Retriever is one of the most favorite dogs for ownership.
  "The Ideal Golden Retriever":
        5 key elements by James B. Spencer 
                   (summary of his key points)
        1.   Retrieving instincts --- instinct to carry objects
        2.   Trainability  --- intelligence and desire
        3.   A good nose
        4.  Marking ability ---  ability to locate items to retrieve
        5.  "Birdiness" or eagerness --- having fun or 'style'
 "Gun Dog Magazine"  June/July 2009 & September 23, 2010 
  "The Golden Retriever News",  July/August 2009 pgs. 72-75 edition

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