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Breeding -- our program
Our Puppy Program:
   We believe in socializing our puppies.  The stimulation of proper human touch helps their neurological development.  We carefully monitor their weight and growth with detailed growth charts for the new owner.  Puppies begin in the whelping box for about 3 weeks and then are moved into a 8' x 8' penned enclosure in our home where they have a 'poddy area' to which they learn quickly to use.  We introduce the crate in this environment.  Since they are in the home,  they become accustomed to the sounds of human voices, TV's, vacuum cleaners, pots & pans, older dogs barking, etc.  As applicable a large fenced area outside is available to introduce kennel doors, outside sounds and smells.
    Puppies are introduced to a wing about the 4th week and then to birds. Simple retrieving games and trailing are part of the daily exercise routine after 5 weeks. 
    Puppies will at times be introduced to an indoor/outdoor kennel where they can learn to manuever through doggy doors. 
    Introduction to regular food is made in a careful manner to avoid intestinal troubles.  A favorite of the pups is known as a 'Puppy Smoothie'.
    For the puppy evaluations (Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test),  we ask 3 other breeder/gun dog owners to visit and score the pups on separate occassions during weeks 6-7. We feel this gives a more accurate assessment of each puppy. They are then rated on the average from the tests.  
     We ask potential buyers to take the test themselves as to their expectations of a puppy to help us in the right placement. We strive to match the right puppy to the right owner based upon the testings.  If a buyer is able to visit during weeks 6-7 they are able to watch and do some bonding.   
       Piority in placements will be given to experience and working homes.  (working homes:  hunting, hunt tests, field trials)             
What to expect from us a breeder:
   As a reuptable breeder,  our dogs have all health clearances by OFA and Cerf.  We follow and practice the GRCA standards for breeding. While a Heart, Hip, Elbow and Eye clearances are the 'minimum' standard,  we assure normal Thyroid and PRA/PRCD cleared/normal.  Our dogs are also tested for Ichthyosis.
                            We limit the number of litters produced.  Inquiries always welcome.
 Our goal is to provide each owner of a puppy through an AwreyGold breeding the confidence and best assurance to a healthy puppy with historical genetic health clearances (multiple generations) has been achieved.  While genetics play a key and vital role,  we firmly believe proper nutrition is essential.  Over excessive growth as a puppy shows links to health problems later on for the dog.  As with humans, too many preservatives, diets too high in fats & carbohydrates, stress, chemicals, toxins, etc. have been found to lead to issues with diabetes and cancer.  We have worked with natural foods (Holistic type) and the addition of natural enzymes with raw foods to the dogs diets. With the addition of natural enzymes we have seen an improvement in health and coats.
                                                                                                            (brands we use:  Nulo Freestyle and Honest Kitchen)
Our breeding program:    
      Duke is available to qualified females for stud services.     

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